Colectivo Piloto

Moving to “The Cloud”

June 1st

“The Cloud…” Such a trendy concept these days. In fact, this is just another word for “The Internet” and Colectivo Piloto already was on it. But the news is that I just migrated its website - and others of my websites, hosted on my traditional shared server - to a “Cloud Server.” The difference: I […]

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Ten years promoting culture and education

November 11th

2004-2014. I could not believe it myself: it’s been ten years that Pablo Herrera and I co-founded Colectivo Piloto. To celebrate, we launched the new website we so hardly worked on all summer long. Maybe you already read some of the posts of this project on this blog. We want to thank all the people […]


Structure for

September 2nd

The Colectivo Piloto is a non-profit organization I co-founded in 2004 when I was living in Spain. Today, the Colectivo is trying to get more projects in the United States. Particularly New York. This is why, I have been working on the new website all summer long. I want to get it out there asap! […]

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