Ten years promoting culture and education

Posted on November 11th

2004-2014. I could not believe it myself: it’s been ten years that Pablo Herrera and I co-founded Colectivo Piloto.

To celebrate, we launched the new website we so hardly worked on all summer long. Maybe you already read some of the posts of this project on this blog.

We want to thank all the people who have contributed in making this possible: During ten years, Colectivo Piloto has had the privilege to collaborate with many people that have helped the organization grow and become what it is today. A special thank to all our English speaker friends who have reviewed the texts I wrote for this new version of the website. A special mention to Beatriz Ortiz, the featured artist appearing on our homepage (by the way, renewing her website is one of my next projects). Another special thank to our long time friend Viviana Urani, our communication adviser since our very beginnings. Thanks Viv! Your tips enlightened my writings.

Last but not least, thanks Pablo Herrera, the best workmate I ever had, and my source of inspiration. It’s been great to work on your side all these years and to watch our little baby grow. Yet, this is just the beginning buddy!

But enough greetings, let’s go back to work. Colectivo Piloto has many more years of adventures coming up!

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