Moving to “The Cloud”

Posted on June 1st
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“The Cloud…” Such a trendy concept these days. In fact, this is just another word for “The Internet” and Colectivo Piloto already was on it.

But the news is that I just migrated its website - and others of my websites, hosted on my traditional shared server - to a “Cloud Server.” The difference: I am paying only for what I use and I can built my server according to my websites’ needs.

Tired of struggling with my old hosting provider to get basic support, yet, my yearly payment plan reaching its end in June, I signed up at DigitalOcean; the “cloud infrastructure provider created for developers.”



All web developers fear website migrations. I was scared of messing things up; losing data, positioning etc. But DigitalOcean, makes “developers’ lives easier.” In fact, I set up my new server without too many trouble and successfully migrated Colectivo Piloto, Isabelle Garcia and aicragellebasi’s websites.

I have to give credit to my teammate and programing mentor Filip Glavinceski. He is the one who introduced me to DigitalOcean back when we were working together at EoR, and he is the one who recommended me to run a CentOS and to install Webmin & Virtualmin to manage my multiple virtual hosts. Thanks Filip, it is great to know that I can rely on your tremendous developer skills and knowledge, even from so far away…. “The Cloud” keeps us connected my dear friend.

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