Making some good progress with the new homepage

Posted on September 11th
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It’s been just a week since Pablo and I decided to re-think the homepage of the soon to come new web page of the Colectivo Piloto. Yet, the progress is already taking a nice turn out.

Pablo has been working on cool cinematographs and we have been running a few tests. It is looking good, but we still have work…

One of my thoughts, is to show the content into boxes that would respect the shape of our logo. Just like this:

My only concern, for now, is how to manage this on smaller device screens. But, I’ll come up with a solution, for sure. I also need to add a fallback background image in case the cinematograph would not load well. But Pablo is working on optimizing the size of the file, so that should not happen!

Ideally, the box could be loaded nicely with some javascript. Maybe I’ll use what I’ll learn from my MMP 310 class to work on this.

Meanwhile, any comments are welcome!

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