Test #IAMSocial, Get Your Website For Free!

Posted on January 29th
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Carroll Garden Association is a non-profit organization “Providing Housing, Economic Revitalization, Outreach, and Advocacy to the Residents of Southwest Brooklyn.” I met with its staff participating with Mazzat Restaurant at the 6th Annual Columbia Waterfront Fall Festival which the organization promotes each year in September. Since then, they have been helping me and Go digital! reaching out to small businesses around Columbia Waterfront and Red Hook.

But, Carroll Garden Association is also the perfect example of primary audience I am expecting to be downloading the WordPress Theme I am working on: #IAMSocial. So when their staff recently requested my help for a new version of their WordPress, I jumped into the opportunity: I convinced them to be my “testers” using a beta version of my theme. In exchange of their feedback regarding its usability, they get their website for free!

I am looking forward for this new partnership with Carroll Garden Association. I hope this will actually helps the organization growing as well as help me getting #IAMSocial ready to be submitted to the official WP Theme Directory.

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