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Posted on October 31st
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The midterms are over. Yet, it is time to focus on the finals. Actually, I already know the requirements for my MMP 350 class: create a WordPress theme.

This is a new step for me and my experience working with this CMS. Indeed, I have already created customized WordPress templates, coded for my owns projects, like I lately did for the Colectivo Piloto. But this time, it has to be a standard theme; one that users can download and apply to their needs.

To do so, I first have to think about my target audience: primary and secondary. In our class blog, our professor, Robert Owen, states these audiences as follow: “The primary audience is the people who are making a site and would decide to use your theme. The secondary audience is the people who will see the site.”

Since I am so thrilled to work on the Go digital! project of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, I had the idea to do a theme for innovators, curious and adventurous entrepreneurs such as start ups employees, self employed or young small business owners. I am going to call it “I AM SOCIAL” because I want to allow my audience to use the potential of their socials.

My audience being identified, I have to write the proposal that should include overall concept, description of the audience, wireframes for homepage and single, design directions.

And here it is. Check it out!

I am very excited about this project. I hope I will soon have more progresses to share with you.

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