Souvenirs from WordCamp Europe in Vienna

Posted on June 29th
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“So you were the one with the pink computer?” realized one of the WordCamp fellows I hung out with in the streets of Vienna on Sunday night… Indeed, if you attended the WordCamp Europe, last weekend, chances are that you saw me running around, taking pics with an iPad or seated somewhere between two conference rooms with my pink laptop on my knees. If you wondered what I was doing, here’s a quick recap:

Volunteering for the WordCamp Europe communication team:

Volunteering is one of the best way to experience a WordCamp. I took my role very seriously. I was a runner for the first communication team ever formed at a WordCamp Europe. While my teammates were covering the conference rooms, tweeting about the talks, my task was to run around the facilities of the vast MuseumsQuartier of Vienna; Halle E+G, Leopold Museum and the Barocke Suiten, in search of people, moments or anecdotes that were surrounding the event.

Partying with Wapuu and many more:

After two days of intense conferences, came the time to celebrate and dress up for the WCEUBall. I traded my iPad and pink laptop for drinks, my runarounds for choreography on the dance floor and stepped on the other side of the camera to pause with Wapuu, the cutest guy of the party!

Hungover during contributor day:

I like to say that I get my best work done when I am hungover. That’s what happened on Sunday during contributor day! I joined the polyglot team and learned how to translate WordPress core, plugins and themes. Actually realized I could contribute to the translation of my own theme IAMSocial. Thus, hopefully, it will be soon available in French and Spanish. I’ll try to find some free time to keep up the good work started during contributor day and get this done asap. I’ll sure post more news about this project here.

Last but not least; farewell in the streets of Vienna, sightseeing and catching up with the UEFA Euro games:

It was like if we did not want it to come to an end. Anastasios, Fotis, Hassan and I, randomly walking the streets of Vienna, stopping here and there to take pictures, watching football, eating falafels and drinking beers… The WordCamp magic last until around 1am. We hugged and cheered: “See you in 2017 in Paris!”

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