Off to the WordCamp Toronto

Posted on August 3rd
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Being a member of the WordPress community is a great way to travel the world and make great connections. While in Vienna, volunteering for the WordCamp Europe Communication Team, I met with the CEO of Vinubis, Florian Gottschall and his business partner Miriam Selzle.

All started with a normal conversation about business, at the WCEUBall, followed by a photo shoot with Wapuu. After a few drinks, we were all having fun, dancing like crazy on the dance floor.

Back home, a few days later, I received an interesting email:

Hi Isabelle,

hope you are fine! Missing your power and smile during a stressful time.
I have a question to you and need your opinion about.

We are thinking to get a Social Media “Runner” up and running ;) who will visit different WordCamps or other events and will create about 10 - 15 short videos that get posted on Twitter & Youtube during the day. The app will be our app. Your job would be to go there and tweet & post like you did in vienna. But this time you should do this with video. Our app is working like the WP Video Editor. You upload a videoclip, trim it, caption it and the rest is done automatically. You work right from your device.

Is this something we could buy from you?
Or do you know somebody?
What do you think about this idea?

Best regards,

Traveling WordCamps around the world, shoot videos and post on social media? I’m down for it. My answer was immediate:

Hi Florian!

It is great to hear from you and read that you would like to collaborate with me.
This is an interesting offer.

Did you know I am going to be at WordCamp NYC? Why don’t we give it a try there?

Maybe we can jump on a call sometime tomorrow? or Thursday? Wednesday I can’t, I am actually flying to NY…

Let me know. Thanks. |

And this is how it all get started. This weekend, Florian is sending me to Toronto. He actually will be there as a speaker. So I hope we’ll get a chance to take a few more pictures together with Wapuu!

Photo Credit PixelRockStar

Meanwhile, I am already looking at the map, thinking about my next WordCamp destination… Have a few ones in mind. Athens in November sounds fun. Right Fotis, Anastasios? Let’s see if I can get Florian to send me there :) But before I’ll visit the Acropolis, I’ll have to go to the Niagara Falls and the CN Tower.

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