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Posted on November 5th
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If you have read the first post of my last adventure you know that I am back at the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce not to work on Go Digital but to kick off a new project involving Airbnb. However, Go Digital ran a “get your business on the map” workshop yesterday, to which I voluntary decided to attend curious to see my colleague Jeremy in action and eager to help the new interns thanks to my previous experience on this project.

It was great to see how the Go Digital services to small businesses have improved since we kicked off this project a little bit more than a year ago. With the sponsor of Google and GYBO, Go Digital now runs periodical workshops in local Brooklyn businesses.

During these workshops, small businesses owners have the opportunity to put their business on the map. Each one of them is given a tablet to follow along Jeremy’s instructions. Meanwhile, the Go Digital staff and interns ensure that anybody gets lost, and that everybody get a piece a pizza!

Yesterday’s workshop was a big success. We put a dozen of businesses on the map. But more importantly, we talked to each of their owners and tried to understand them to better advise on the use of social media tools. At the end of the workshop they all left with a big smile on their face. All very happy to be “on the map.”

Special thank to Community Woodshop Inc, Anthony and all the other woodworkers to host this event and to be so friendly and to the Bed-Stuy Gateway Improvement District for helping. I am looking forward for the next workshop!

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