Sorry Manhattan

Posted on October 24th
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I was so thrilled, last Thursday, to take the elevator up to the 27th floor of one of downtown Brooklyn’s skyscrapers. For those you follow my adventures since last year, you might know that this is where the Brooklyn of Chamber of Commerce (BCC) has its headquarter. Yet, you might also know that I already had the pleasure to work there as CUNY Service corps member on the successful Godigital! program.

This time I am coming back to kick off one of last Brooklyn Chamber’s projects on economic development: a partnership with Airbnb on new tourism initiative.

For this project

“Airbnb is providing a grant to support the work of a Neighborhood Tourism Fellow who will work with local Brooklyn businesses to help them engage with visitors and benefit from tourism in the borough.”

explains Molly Turner, the Airbnb global head of civic partnerships.

And guess who’s the lucky “Neighborhood Tourism Fellow?”

Yes! It’s me.

My job will consist in liaising local businesses with Brooklyn’s Airbnb hosts and visitors, organizing Small Business Events and Shop Local Campaigns and redirecting businesses in needs to the diverse BCC’s business resources.

This is a great opportunity for me to keep on showing my love for Brooklyn and its community. With Godigital! I helped small businesses to improve their online presence. This time, I will help them to take advantage of the growing tourism affluence of this borough. Thanks to my efforts and the support of Airbnb and the BCC, I have hopes to connect “Airbnb’ers” with “la crème de la crème,” made in Brooklyn.

Special note: I am sorry for you Manhattan. It’s not that I don’t like you (well…)
It’s just that Brooklyn has as much potential as you do. If you don’t believe me, check the Airbnb Local List and the BCC ExploreBK websites.

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