Updating Go digital! curriculum and logo

Posted on October 3rd
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Almost two weeks from our first meeting at the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and I already have the feeling that this is going to be a great experience.

This upcoming Monday, we will have our first bi-weekly meeting with our supervisor Quintana and we want to show her that we are ready to “go out there”, business to business, to offer Go Digital!.

To do so, we revised the entire curriculum, written one year ago, and updated it with new information and a lot of images. Indeed, this will be our support documentation to teach businesses to create or claim their Google business profile, their Facebook page and their Yelp account. Since we expect them to lack of computer skills, we need this curriculum to be as simple and descriptive as possible.

Additionally, we worked on a new version of the logo which used to look like this:

And the winner is…:

Hope you like it.

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