First Day at The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce

Posted on September 23rd
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From the 27th floor of 335 Adams St, Downtown Brooklyn, I had the privilege today to meet with the full Go! Digital team and get briefed on the project by Quintana, our supervisor. She also introduced us to the online platform The Chamber is trying to get more businesses involved in: Explore Brooklyn. Actually, if you live in Brooklyn, you should check it out. You might find out a lot about your neighborhood!

These three hours meeting kicked off the beginning of a 6 months collaboration where we’ll have to get small businesses to build their socials and reinforce their presence online.

From now on, we will meet twice a week to design a “reach-out plan”. We need to find out how to approach businesses and run a survey with questions going from “Do they have socials already?”, “Do they know how to use them?” to “Do they have WiFi?”, “Do they have a computer?” or even “Do they speak English?” Indeed, a lot of them are immigrants and might have difficulties with the language.

Collecting this data will help us to better address their “digital lacks” and to personalize the service we can offer to them.

This is indeed a very exciting project. I was happy to meet today with Monica, Faidat, Jeremy and James, my Go! Digital teammates. I am looking forward to seeing them tomorrow for more work.

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