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Posted on March 10th
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Creating e-learning material is made very easy with softwares like tt performance suite. In February, I attended, with some of my MSF colleagues working with me on Symphony*, a 4-day TTS workshop at the headquarter of MSF Spain.

The training covered the admin part (overall configuration, user roles and preferences, document types, workflows etc.) and the authoring part (recording e-learning, editing and fine-tuning the documentation, collaborating and sharing the work with other users etc.)

Our TTS trainer, Juan, taught us all the secrets of this powerful e-learning authoring tool, from the conception to the publication of web-based trainings and PDF manuals.

My colleagues and I, we are now working hard on creating Symphony manuals so that all Symphony users (MSF HR staffs) will soon be able to consult them.

My specific role in all this? Creating e-learning templates within TTS, respecting the MSF and Symphony style guides, and reviewing all the e-learning materials that my colleagues are recording, adding interactive elements, animations and fine-tuning PDF documentation to make sure all look nice and user friendly.

I am very happy to offer my skills in digital communication to this part of the Symphony project. If you think about it, training and knowledge transfer are just other ways of communicating and preparing people to changing environments. I really hope our work and efforts will serve all MSF Staff to better understand and embrace Symphony.

*Just a quick reminder if you have not read this post; I am working for MSF since October, on an internal program called Symphony. It is an extensive HR project that will transform the way MSF recruit and manage its staff. I am part of the communication and change management team.

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