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Posted on January 12th
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“Happiness Manager.” That’s my new unofficial title at the office! And I am quite proud of it. In fact, I started working for Medecins Sans Frontieres - Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in October but I was hired as “internal communication officer”, which is my official title.

MSF embarked on a global HRIS project of design, development, and integration of HR systems and processes across 24 MSF recruitment offices, called Symphony. To support this extensive project, a team of about 25 people was formed. This team is working from several MSF offices around the world: Paris, Geneva, New York, Amsterdam, and Barcelona. I am working from the MSF France headquarters, in Paris.

My main role is to help the implementation of the change management action plan by supporting the creation of the necessary communication materials for this transformation: from PowerPoint presentations to internal websites in SharePoint, newsletters, reports etc… I am the creative and digital mind of the communication team. They write the content, I make sure it looks nice and that the right tools are used for its best dissemination.

But that’s not all. Apparently, my positive and optimistic attitude and my ability to motivate my colleagues caught the attention of my supervisor who entitled me as the “Happiness Manager” of our team. It is true that I naturally became the leader in the organization of all our team parties, meetings, and extra work activities. My social skills also turned me into this person that others always go to when they are in search of information, help or even comfort. So, how do I do this? It’s pretty simple: I am passionate. I don’t think there is any magic recipe to become a happiness manager. One just has to love its work, its company (in my case, an NGO - it helps!) and relationships with all type of people.

I have not changed my title in my Linkedin profile yet, but I am considering it. Happiness managers have a promising future in the workplace. Maybe I’ll do a reconversion.

So cheers up and be happy!

I take this opportunity to suggest you to visit the donation page of MSF. Maybe you feel generous today? You can make a one-time donation or apply for a monthly one. Thanks in advance.

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