Killing two birds with one stone

Posted on December 11th
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Primavera de los Realizadores” started as a static HTML & CSS website for my MMP 240 class final project. It turns out it is now a dynamic web app using Express, running on a Parse cloud server and also my final project for another of my MMP class: 310.

Using a BaaS such as Parse allows me to deal with data: My users can now reserve tickets online. My web app will take care of managing seats availability, duplicated users and won’t let them registering twice to the same activity. You can try it!

One bird down!

Trying to catch the other one; After the usability test, I updated my design to make it more user friendly based on my “victims” feedback. Here’s the before and after for desktops and iPads:

For mobiles:

You can compare yourself: Version 1 vs Version 2.

And because I hate killing animals, my two birds are still flying. In other worlds, I am not done with Primavera’s frontend and backend. However, I am ready to present it for my both finals coming up this week. Fingers crossed!

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