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Posted on October 16th
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One day, an email particularly caught my attention; it was from somebody with a Catalan name; Marc Soler. His website, padbolpenedes.com just confirmed this user was writing from somewhere near Barcelona. A region (or should I say country ;)) that I particularly cherish since I lived eight years there.

But this is not the only thing that caught my attention. Padbol Penedés looked like the exact type of users I made my theme for! A small but dynamic association that understands the value of being active online. Just look at their social media: they have Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and even Youtube! And they chose IAMSocial for their website!

After exchanging a few emails with Marc, I decided to give him and his association free premium support! Just because his feedback particularly interested me. Indeed, he was describing a few bugs I actually wasn’t aware of. This made me realize that time had come for an update. Indeed, I never did so since IAMSocial went live on the official WordPress Theme directory on its version 1.0.4.

So I spent my weekend fixing the bugs, making improvements on design and updating the libraries like Bootstrap and Font Awesome. You can now download the version 1.0.6 of IAMSocial. If you use it already, you should see the update notification directly into your WordPress admin.

And that’s not all, IAMSocial is also now available in French and Spanish. I plan to get more translations done soon. Hopefully German, Catalan and why not Arabic since my theme supports RTL formats! If you speak any other language and want to contribute, please do!

Last but not least, if you like IAMSocial, show some love by giving it a nice review. It will be greatly appreciated.

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