IAMSocial 1.0.2

Posted on October 14th

After submitting IAMSocial to the WordPress Directory in August, I finally heard back from the Review Team last week. As I expected, my theme was not approved to go live right away and my reviewer sent me a long list of issues to be fixed. After working hard on them, I resubmitted IAMSocial, now 1.0.2.

In this version, my theme options (slider, colors, fonts, social media icons) utilize the Theme Customization API, as required since April 21, 2021. This actually makes the customization of IAMSocial more user friendly and my code much cleaner.

License information on all 3rd party frameworks, codes, fonts and images has been updated. Sadly, this forced me to give up on my lovely young business man on a green background, signature of IAMSocial up to now… Unfortunately, he is not GPL compatible.

These are just a few things of the long list of issues I fixed to comply with the WordPress Theme Review requirements. Some were quite challenging, but fixing them actually taught me a lot of cool things about WordPress Theme development.

I am now waiting again. Hopefully my next post will be about IAMSocial going live on the Theme Directory! Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, you can track IAMSocial on the WordPress website, and even download its last version. Feel free to use it to promote your business!

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