Game Changer

Posted on February 21st

Before, I proudly used to think, “who better than I can illustrate my writings?” So all the photos on my blog were actually mine, usually taken with my iPhone. And it worked out great. People loved it. But recently, I ran into million eyez, a photo gallery plugin unlike any other.

The difference between million eyez and a simple gallery, is that you don’t have to search for photos anymore. Just create your photobox, make a photo-wish and let enthusiastic photographers upload their photos for you. Let them enrich your posts with a selection of diverse and high quality photos.

million eyez has changed my vision of blogging. Now, when I write, I am already thinking about my photo-wish and looking forward to seeing how people will contribute to it, like right now actually! Here’s my photobox, feel free to share your photos. Show me things that also changed your way of thinking.

[millioneyez missionid=”58a9bb9fbe6890d50b0495cc”][/millioneyez]

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