5 reasons to start blogging

Posted on January 10th
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I started blogging a little bit by accident. I was a student and one of my class midterm projects was to create a blog. I got so excited about this project that I not only passed the class with an A but I carried on writing my blog even after I graduated!

Looking back, I think this is the best assignment a professor ever gave me and something that tremendously helps me today, not only in my professional life. Here’s why:

  1. My blog is a time travel machine.
    We do not always remember what we have done, what we have worked on, how we solved a particular problem etc… Thanks to my blog I can go back in time and browse all the projects, thoughts and adventures I have archived there! Reading through my old posts, memories start popping up. It is a wonderful feeling, almost like reading a secret notebook.
  2. My blog is the best professor I have ever had.
    Each post I write, I become more savvy. I usually write about things that I have experienced - e.g: a personal project or a plugin that I have tested - but I always document myself a lot about the subject before even starting to write my own post. That involves a fair amount of research and reading. Just like when I was a student.
  3. My blog is me.
    It is a virtual me! Reading my posts, my followers can get a good sense of my personality. Actually, now, when I am asked for a bio, instead of sending a long and boring text, I just write a few catchy lines and add: “Curious? Want to know more? Visit my blog.”
  4. My blog is my best friend.
    It helps me to meet and interact with the Community. Not only with professionals and experts, but also with friends and family. Each new post I write is shared on all my social media channels. That’s a great way to start the conversation with my followers and to gain new ones! 
  5. My blog is so trendy.
    My blogs gets me to test new tools and discover new trends. Professionals are always looking for bloggers to test their products and write about them. Sometimes we get paid, sometimes we get discounts. But more than the retribution, it is a great way to stay up to date.

Yes, blogging is all this. But it is also a mindset. I do not only write in my blog, I live my blog! Everything that I do is a potential story to be published! From simple routines; like going to the supermarket, to amazing adventures; like . 

So, I hope I convinced you to start 2017 with a blog! There are many platforms you can use. As a WordPress enthusiast, I can only advise you to start here: https://wordpress.com

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