All good things must come to an end

Posted on April 26th
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Six months ago I published this post. It was the beginning of a great adventure that ended up today with our last meeting at the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce presenting the Go Digital report.



Yes, that’s it. The 288 hours that the CUNY Service Corps program allows me to work have come to an end. Leaving Go Digital makes me feel sad. But, when I look back at what has been accomplished within six months, I am leaving happy and confident for the future of this project. I have no doubt that Go Digital will keep on being a success thanks to the work of my teammate, Jeremy Magno, over the summer (congrats Jeremy, you deserve this!) and the one of the next team of CUNY Service Corps members starting this September.

I am also leaving happy and confident for my own future. I am taking with me all what I have learned during this wonderful experience. With Go Digital I became a “social media geek” and a “tech mentor.” I am now convinced that I can accomplish my goals of contributing to a better society helping the community with my technological knowledge.

Not only I have grown professionally, I also have made wonderful connections with many different people. My teammates, Faidat Aweda and Monica Pestana from Kingsborough College, Jeremy Magno, from Queens College and James Lugo from City College of Technology, my supervisors, Quintana O’Neill and Andrew Steininger, from the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and all the businesses owners of the diverse neighborhoods of Brooklyn. More than an enriching work experience, Go Digital and CUNY Service Corps have been for me a tremendous “life experience.”

An experience that I will have the opportunity to share this Friday during the CUNY Service Corps culminating event at Lehman College. My supervisor, Quintana O’Neill, and I have been chosen to give a twenty-minute presentation on how CUNY Service Corps and Go Digital helped the community growing through technology. My prezi’s ready!

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