A Simple Equation

Posted on October 26th
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Certain equations are not particular only for their function. They are particular for the simple and poetic truth they contain. thecplab equation is one of them. For a long time, my teammate and I have been trying hard to solve it. Over ten years of experiments with Colectivo Piloto have led us to this pretty simple answer:

((Pablo Herrera + Isabelle Garcia) x Colectivo Piloto) ^ Creativity = thecplab

Today we finally publish the results of all these years of research and how we got to such a basic, but genuine equation. We are open to criticism. thecplab equation has not been proven to be perfect yet.

And because this is all about experiments, be aware that we used bootstrap 4 (alpha, as of today). At thecplab, we think out of the box and always look for innovation, creativity and enhancement. If we fail, no big deal. We’ll just redo it better.

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