2020: The Year of Dhamma

Posted on December 10th

I’ve been re-reading the articles in my blog since its beginning, and that is a very good way to reflect on my life from 2014 up to now. 

I’ve lived in and traveled to many places. I was involved in many adventures, thoughts and projects. I do not regret anything. I had a wonderful time and I undoubtedly grew from all these experiences. 

But since I got into Vipassana meditation, my approach to life has started to change: I stopped chasing after time, work and performance. I realized I can enjoy the present moment and the simplest things of everyday life. I developed calmness and equanimity more than ever – and I became so much happier!

To the point that I decided to go a step further: quitting my job and settling at Dhamma Mahi, the French Vipassana meditation centre, as a long term server. 

Before I continue, I should point out that all Vipassana courses are accessible to anyone free of charge. The association is financed by donations only. Besides donations, those who have experienced the benefits of Vipassana meditation can also express their gratitude helping others to learn the technique by serving. Service can take several forms: during the period of a course (for 10, 20, 30 or 45 days), during work periods or inter-courses, or for medium or long term periods – several months or even years living at the center. 

During 10-day courses as well as work periods, I fully experienced the benefits of it: “In selflessly serving others we also serve ourselves.” One of the benefits is to reinforce and deepen one’s Vipassana practise. But there are many more benefits: the experience of each one with meditation and service being so different and subjective. 

So here I am, ready to change, once again, the course of my life and I am very happy with this decision I have taken for myself. I am about to quit my job of head of communication and international relations at TSF and to move out from the lovely city of Pau – and that I will indeed regret. After celebrating Christmas with my family, I’ll kick off my 2020 year on the path of Dhamma with a trip to India in January to take a Satipatthana course and right after, at the beginning of February, I’ll move to Dhamma Mahi.

From now on, the subjects of the articles posted in this blog might be different from what they were up to now. Until the next step. Life is long.

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