Summer Camp

Posted on July 27th
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When I was a kid my parents used to send me to summer camps where I was always having great time discovering all kinds of news things and making a lot of new friends. Last weekend felt exactly like a summer camp to me; from July 16 to 19, the NYC Camp was held at the United Nations. Although I am currently working at the UN, this event was free and open to everybody, particularly to all “Open Source Enthusiasts.”

With a myriad of trainings, summits, conferences and people from all over the world, this felt like a giant summer camp of, not only geeks, but all kind of people related to tech and non-profit. Just like when I was a kid, I had a great time, discovered a lot of new things and made a lot of new friends.

With so many activities proposed, it was hard to make a choice, but what interested me the most were the workshops related to Drupal; a CMS that I never have used before but that I always wanted to know more about. With Drupal 8 soon to be released, this might be a good opportunity to try it on a future project.

I also went to many interesting conferences where inspiring figures of the the tech community were sharing their ideas and contribution to the field. Some of them were truly inspiring.

Back to real life at the end of the camp on Sunday night, I felt like coming back from a long journey. Tired, but refreshed and already thinking about the next one…

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