My Blog Goes Mobile First!

Posted on October 2nd
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Since my last MMP 240 assignment, I have been thinking a lot about the “mobile first” concept. Why not applying this concept to my blog? As I mentioned in this post, since I have been using bootstrap 3, I have been coding my CSS from a mobile first perspective, however, I am still designing my wireframes and mockups “desktop first”. Yet, this does not makes sense: if I am going to code mobile first, I also need to design mobile first.

So I started over my wireframes for This time, I designed first the mobile views, then, moved on to the tablet ones and finally finished with the desktop views.


I am now ready to create my HTML and CSS and my code will be more consistent with the mockups.

This week, at my MMP 350 class, we actually set up our WordPress platform on our own server. As I mentioned in this post, I will point my domain to this platform as soon as I get my custom WordPress template coded and ready to go live. In the meanwhile, I will keep on posting on this blog my progress on this project (as well as other adventures!). Stay tuned!

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