A Digital Nomad in Paris

Posted on July 4th

Wherever they go, Digital Nomads look for coworking places where they can bring their laptop and sit for hours while working remotely for their clients from all over the world, and eventually, make good connections.

I just spent two months in Paris and that’s basically what I did everyday. As soon as I arrived, back in May, I set about to explore all possible spots with two essential things a digital nomad needs: tables and WIFI. From coffee shops to libraries, incubators to digital art centers, I put my laptop on quite a few tables.

My day often started with a brief email checking, eating a yummy croissant and drinking café in some of the typical parisian brasseries. From there, I usually looked for free coworking spaces, such as NUMA Paris or La Gaite Lyrique, where I was able to place my laptop somewhere among a bunch of young people working in small groups, eating, listening to music or even playing video games. I got some great work done in such vibrant ambiances; coding, chatting or even “Skype-ing” with my teammates or clients overseas.

However, some of you know it already; I am a big fan of public libraries. They have always fascinated me for their capacity to gather all types of people. I can spend hours, silently sitting, working among kids, students, elderly… In definitive, among the inhabitants of the neighborhood. Thus, I visited a few “Bibliothèques.” From the famous Bpi in Beaubourg to the recently opened médiathèque Canopé la fontaine in Les Halles, or even smaller ones like Germaine-Tillion in Saint Maur des Fossés and le Moulin des Muses in the small suburban town of Breuillet Village.

Finally, at the end of the day, if I still was “in the zone,” I wrote my last emails at a bar sipping a beer before I called it a day.

This has been, more or less, my Parisian routine for about two months.

But a nomad cannot stick to a routine for too long. This week, I am going back to New York to catch up with my team at thecplab and carry on managing the projects we are working on. This gives me time, till September, to decide on my next destination. Indeed, my laptop is eager to try more tables…

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