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Posted on February 9th, 2017
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My adventures in India have come to an end but my #WCAsiaRoadTrip continues in Thailand. There, I am to speak at WordCamp Bangkok and to share with the local community my tips on how to vlog. In exchange, I hope to learn from them what is their views of WordPress in their country and what do they think of a possible WordCamp Asia in 2018.

Until I post here, the video I will produce during my talk, using VINUBIS Video Editor Plugin, I will let you watch the ones produced at WordCamp Pune and WordCamp Udaipur with the participation of the audience.



[UPDATE] Here’s the video produced during the talk! Thanks Mayu for your participation and see you at WordCamp Tokio!


and here’s my presentation.


[UPDATE] The full recording of my talk by the WordPress TV team has finally been published.


At WordCamp Pune and Udaipur I got participants to upload great photos of both events onto my Millioneyez photoboxes as you can see with the photos below:

[millioneyez missionid=”5886f0044d2eed0d0c7d71a4″ photoid=”58945dc43f83fca00bca4b8e”][/millioneyez]

[millioneyez missionid=”5878f85152f6559e0c1cd796″ photoid=”587c98505dcf59870900e696″][/millioneyez]

So if you too are in Bangkok, use the photobox below to share your pictures with me (Use the camera icon on the bottom right corner). If you have pictures of WordCamp Bangkok, then even better!

[millioneyez missionid=”589c77183f83fca00bca5460″][/millioneyez]

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